Dogue de Bordeaux

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Posted August 7, 2014

Who is Dogue de Bordeaux? It's "four-legged person". Really, safely, without any embellishments. Why do I say so? Why is this dog unusual? Note my answers!

1. Character.

The dog that always surprise with new interesting moments in daily living. What is the first in my mind when hear about French mastiff? It's character specialities, the intellect that can be seen in his eyes. Maybe you will be surprised but this dog has some kind of facial gesture, his neb can be different depending on situation.
Talking about life at home, it's your best friend and partner, which will always complement you extremely well.
The last and the most interesting thing here is that this dog has a special psychology. One example - you left untrained dog near some building and go home. What will this dog do? Yeah, the nearest dustbin is his next stop; but supprisingly not this breed, it'll be waiting for you there, where you left him.

2. Guarding.

It's your personal stone wall, 90 kg stone wall that will overpower your enemy. Exactly overpowering, unfortunately, every dog even can be stopped when it hits enemy on; especially French mastiff, it doesn't bark, it hits on without barking, you won't even understand situation but if the dog well-trained, it's the guarantee of obedience.

3. Health and body.

Inspite of this dog's weight (70-90 kg), it's quick as flash. When I was training him, his maximum speed was about 30 mph (50 km/h); I was driving the car and he was runnung near with me, he ran about 2,4 miles for 14 minutes. Such training keeps its great physical form. It's enough one run training in week. It helps the dog to be good-looking and healthier.
There are great things but it's time for cons. This breed is diseased if talking about organs of digestion; if you want your dog to be healthier, feed it with natural food (porridge, raw meat, and some vegetables, e.g. carrot make its hair brighter).

4. To finish with.

It's so great to come home after work and be met by your four-legged friend. The unique combination of character specialities makes this dog your best friend that will never betray and make your life brighter and deeper. Think about all above listed things and make your choice.

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