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Doberman - I took the chance and I love it!


United States

Posted March 2, 2014

I was always told to stay away from Dobermans because they are emotionally unstable and prone to aggression. I stay away from this breed for years without really doing any formal research about it.

Then one day a neighbor let me play with his dog and it was the most gentle and obidient dog I ever met. Within a week I purchased my own puppy and have loved her ever since!

Dobermans very energetic and really smart dogs who learn really fast. They are also very observant and have a keen sense of understanding who is charge. I find that my dog is very loyal and protective of me at all times and has my safety in mind. Dobermans are not small so I feel pretty safe knowing that I have my loyal companion keeping an eye out for things while I'm not home.

Dobermans require exercise and a healthy diet to stay in top shape. I personally recommend walking your dog 3 times a day if you can and also spending plenty of time playing with them to keep their reflexes sharp. In the wintertime I suggest you buy something warm for the dog to wear when you go outside because they have really short hair.

Dobermans eat a lot and if you want to keep them healthy, I suggest you mix in raw veggies into their diet to make sure they get all the nutrients they need from food. My dog has been quite healthy because she eats well and regularly exercises so besides the yearly check-up I don't worry too much about her health.

Really, Dobermans are a great breed and I highly recommend that you look into them!

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