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My Babyyy - Thunder


United States

Posted February 24, 2014

Amazing guard dog! Also a great alarm clock! If you plan on waking up at 2 in the morning... Definitely outside dogs. They are either super active, or super lazy. Sometimes they're nocturnal and sleep all during the day (only waking up to eat pretty much) and watch the property by night. Thunder is a healthy strong dog. They are very very very hard to calm down. They're high strung if you need to tie them up or put a cone on them. My dad would always have to make me tie them up or catch them, because they would immediately run away from anyone trying to tie them up besides me. I have this weird thing where I'm naturally good with dogs and they always seem to love me. Out of any dog I've ever had, I am definitely the most attached to Thunder. She is very obedient and can learn little tricks very easily. ONLY downside to my precious baby, is that she is not good with other animals at all. Period. She would actually fight with our other Dobie, and they would both leave scars all over each other. Sometimes playful, but sometimes out of hand. But they DO NOT hurt humans. Unless we're not home and they don't know the person outside the fence. I could literally step right in between them and separate them while they were fighting very aggressively. They are obedient though, because when I would split them up they would listen and chill out. They also fought over food, so if you have multiple dogs together either outdoors or indoors it could be a problem. It is extremely sad to say that Thunder and her mother Lightning attacked my Beagle Oreo. Lightning had a second pregnancy with a stray and Oreo got a little too close to her pups and they both snapped and attacked her. We had to put Oreo down because of the attack. :( But other than being around other animals, they've been great watch and guard dogs. I hate to give these gorgeous friendly human-loving dogs a bad name. They're always excited to see me when I get home though. They come running up to the gate when I pull up in my car. :) But that's pretty much it. Not many health issues at all. Thunder's mom Lightning does have a tumor on her breast, but we got it removed, and she's pulled through fine!

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