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Posted November 22, 2013

We had originally taken Knuckles as a foster for an animal rescue, but when he was deemed un-adoptable they were going to have to put him down. When we got that news we decided to keep him because he was already a part of our family. Knuckles was a little bit of a special case because he had been abused so much by his previous owners, so my opinions of the breed may not fully represent a Doberman who has been trained properly as a young dog.

Our Doberman is committed to our family and is very good with nieces, nephews, and the children of our friends. He loves nothing more than licking the messes off of the faces of kids who don't know how to get everything into their mouths. We trust him fully with children and has never given us a reason not to think he loves all children.

He is a wonderful guard dog and lets us know when ever someone is at the door, in our driveway, or running past our house. Although this can be annoying at times, it does give a great sense of security because we know that he never misses an opportunity to let us know something is not normal. He is also friendly to our other family dogs; however, he has problems with other dogs that he does not know, but this is most likely due to his upbringing.

He takes to training well but can be quite hard-headed and will fight with you to get his way during classes. We have taken him to specialized behavioral trainers (k9 connection in Buffalo, NY) and they have worked miracles with him. He still cannot be trusted with the cats or other farm animals that may wander into his territory as he has a very high prey drive.

The one thing I know to be true of all Dobermans is that they love to cuddle, and Knuckles has a constant need to be touching you, climbing on you, and otherwise requiring that you give him lots of attention. Couple this incessant need to touch with his high energy levels and you will find a dog that requires a special kind of owner. A lot of time is required to devote to the dog's activity schedule as he requires constant exercise to maintain normalcy in the house.

If you don't have a lot of time to devote to this faithful companion you may want to find a different breed of dog.

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