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United States

Posted November 13, 2013

I know that sometimes dobermans can get a bad reputation but I think it depends on the way they are raised. Our male was from a not so good home before we got him. His life revolved around living in a dog crate just to be let out twice a day to do business outside and be fed. When we got him it was like he didn't know how to really play or do anything. We gave him love, attention and he became our loyalist companion. He was obedience trained and also protection trained. If you saw him in our home you would never have known he was a protection dog, he loved everyone, but also wouldn't let anyone hurt his family but never made any sort of move unless triggered by one of us. He loved our babies when they were born and accepted them as his own. He was one of the best dogs we could have ever asked for. When I was pregnant with my daughter, unknowingly I was very sick. He would check on me just about every 10 minutes to see if I was ok. I slept a lot so he would come wake me up and if I talked to him he would leave me alone. When I went to the doctor for a check up they ended up putting me into the hospital for two weeks before they ended up having to educe labor so I would get better. I still think we should have noticed something was wrong when he would bug me every second.

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