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My Dog Runs Our Home


+254, Kenya

Posted October 3, 2013

We have a crazy dog that my friend gave us as a Christmas gift. If I wasn't any wiser I'd say he was offloading the dog on us. He wanted to get rid of it. The dog, by the name of simba is the king of our home. Only the gardener can handle that dog and we have to keep her in her kennel all day and release her only when everyone is inside the house. She is a huge Doberman who has refused to acknowledge anyone else in the compound apart from James our gardener who feeds her.
We have tried calling in a trainer but he gave in after a few tries. Simba will attack anything that moves. Most mornings after the gardener has locked her in, we will find bodies of small animals like cats and the like. The most amazing thing is that she cannot be let out of the kennel until everyone is home. It is for this reason that we are forced to come home by 10pm for security reasons. Can you imagine having to go home early because of the dog?
Simba is very temperamental and keeps trying to break down his kennel door. Once she managed to escape as the gardener was opening the gate for me. We did not realize she was gone until we begun receiving calls from the neighbors. She was terrorizing the other neighborhood dogs and had already killed two stray dogs. After the gardener had secured Simba, we received a lot of complaints from the neighbors and had really tough time the following day.
I have hired a new trainer who seems to be getting to know simba. I might have to look for a new home for her if we are unable to understand her or calm her temper.

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