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New York, United States

Posted December 9, 2012


During the long march of Dobberman Pinscher since its origin in Germany in 1890 as a tracking and a police dog , tremendous transformations have taken place in its temperament in tune with the needs of the owners.
Originally the breeder of Dobberman, Karl Friedrick Louis Dobbermann was contemplating on how to produce a dog having the qualities of intelligence, alertness, loyalty , companionship and aggressive and ferocious appearance .
As a result of research conducted by Karl Friedrick Dobberman using the breeds of Great Dane,
Old German Shepherd , Thuringen Sylvan , German Pinscher ,Rottweiler and Grey hound,
the man made breed of dog known worldwide as Dobberman Pinscher having all the qualities required by him to suit him in his day to day activities as a tax collector .

Those who lack knowledge on diverse breeds of dogs believe that Dobberman Finscher
dogs are born without tails. It is funny to believe so, as Dobberman Pinscher is also born as a normal dog with a tail and long pair of ears. Dobberman’s tail is unusually long giving an ugly appearance affecting its whole personality.
In certain countries the animal lovers keen on animal rights do not approve the cropping of the ears and docking the tails of Dobberman Pinscher dogs.

The ears of the majority of Dobberman Pinscher are cropped and tails are docked surgically in order to give an appearance of aggressive appearance.
It is widely believed , docking the unusually long tail facilitates the quick movements of Dobberman .

Dobberman owners prefer black and rusty coloured coat to other rare pigments .

Contrary to the general belief that Dobberman Pinscher breed of dogs are ferocious and aggressive by nature , now the owners of Dobberman Pinscher dogs world wide have been able to change their temperament through socialisation as a family pet dog .

Considering hygienic and health factors, the owners of Dobberman breed of dogs have many
advantages over their counterparts having other breeds of dogs.

The short bristle coat facilitates the Dobberman Pinscher to keep its body constantly clean and tidy on comparison to other breeds having long hair. Shedding is not found in Dobberman Pinscher unlike other breeds and parents who pay great care of their kids prefer to keep Dobberman Pinscher as a pet .

Besides, Dobberman Pinscher is mostly immune to diseases and feeding is less expensive compared to numerous other breeds of dogs. As a watch dog Dobberman Pinscher’s
sound of bark and its appearance are sufficient qualities for it to be a watch dog .

Since my young days , I possess the personal experience of many years as an owner of different breeds of dogs such as German Shepherd , Lion Pomeranian and English Bull Masliff .

At the moment I have only a female Dobberman Pinscher and I call her Cina and I am proud to say that Cina is a dog having unique qualities I never found in other breeds
of dogs.
It has an extraordinary sense of cleanliness , very obedient and loyal specially towards me . It is trained to eat whatever I supply. It has certain unusual appetite to eat fruits like
Avergardo and Bananas. Cina likes to spend much of its time through different modes of communication. I can very easily understand when Cina is in a happy mood through its smiles .
Even though my pet Cina is unable to use human language to communicate its ideas , it is
intelligent enough as all dogs of Dobberman breed of to convey whatever she likes or not.

Contrary to the general belief that this breed of dogs are usually ferocious towards strangers my pet Cina behaves in a very friendly manner even though it might bark occasionally .

Cina has never bitten strangers during the 6 long years and very friendly with small children.
Another striking thing I have observed in Cina is its friendly towards our cat called Bulie .
Cina never chases after Bulie or other stray cats.

Cina is so obedient and if I shout at it from a long distance, to be quiet it immediately
stops its barking . It is so intelligent and understand all my commands .

It prefers to stay outside and does not like to be chained .
If the chain is shown to Cina it quickly enters its kennel . It never tries to attack other dogs and never attempted to trespass into other gardens.

it is very easy to train many things to Cina as it could grasp my instructions quickly. It proved to be a very good companion and wherever I walk in my garden Cina is sure to follow me .

Whenever Cina is thirsty it goes to the garden tap and opens its mouth conveying that
it is thirsty. This way of drinking water and communicating that it needs water has been
practised over the years . Whenever we asked Cina to go to its kennel it obeys the command .

I vehemently reject the stereotyped misconceptions relevant to the breed of Dobberman
and its temperament or the behaviour pattern completely depends on the training
strategies followed and the individual needs of the owner .

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