Doberman Pinscher

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Acquired: Other (stray, given dog by friend etc.)

Gender: Female

Training: Obedience

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Posted November 4, 2017

When choosing a pet like this one, bear in mind that if it doesn't work out you could be doing more harm than good in finding a new home. Heather was given to me by my grandfather, who had been given her by a friend, who had received her from a relative, and so on for at least 3 more homes. Pinschers are extremely loyal ONE OWNER dogs. Poor Heather was so emotionally unstable she was unworkable. Very cunning animals, Dobermans; Heather showed her displeasure with me whenever I left the house without her. My nieces and nephews had come to visit our ranch house and orange groves for the Christmas holidays. We made ornaments from flour and salt to decorate the little tree in the foyer and then went out to play -- without Heather. On our return, we found the tree knocked over and every single ornament broken-just one bite, as they were made with salt and tasted horrible, I'm sure. Separation anxiety was the vet's diagnosis and so we had to crate her if we left for more than 10 minutes. We tried to reduce the crate time, but she never got over the fear. A radio in her room helped keep her company (country music worked best for some reason). I always think of Heather, though, when we look at people who say, "We got him for So-and-so's birthday, but it just didn't work out."

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