Doberman Pinscher

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Posted June 14, 2016

I've had one Doberman, and she was the most amazing dog ever. I was a baby when we got her and she was literally my babysiter. She used to sleep nex to my bed, and wake mu parents up if she felt something was wrong. She followed me around the house while I was still learning to walk so she'd make sure i don't fall down. She even ran aroung my baby carriage when I was out with family to make sure no one can hurt me. She was very loyal to us and a great gard dog.

Her ears were not cut so it gave her a kind of goofy, not scary look. And goofy she was. She really wouldn't hurt a fly, unless she felt in danger, but even then she just growled and showed her front teeth. She had the friendliest personality both with dogs and other people. She was very well trained although we never did anything to train her, she kinda picked up the do's and dont's on her own. The thing she liked almost more than us was food. She could eat anything and everything all the time. She rarely ever needed the vet. The thing i remember mostly about her was how scared thunder, firecrackers and any type of loud noise made her, and whenever that happened she'd just jump in the tub and stay there untill it's over. The funny part is that she never knew how to get out, so she'd bark utill someone came to get her out.

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