Doberman Pinscher

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Acquired: Breeder (professional)

Gender: Female

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Obedient but do like to whinge!


welwyn garden city, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Posted March 10, 2011

My family had had dobermans before and had even bred them when i was a child, so I have always wanted one as an adult. I wasnt warned however by my parents when I got Delta as a puppy, what a monster she would eventually turn into!
When shes not whinging/moaning, shes letting wind, shes ripping apart her bed (she now only have basic blankets in her crate as she rips these up too) or shes playing with my jack russell.
Saying that, shes extremely loyal, and wont go into the horse field we rent behind my house, without me being there and she is quick to learn new tricks (apart from how to not chew her bed). she will also moan if im on the computer too long as she loves our cuddle times on the sofa
she is quite a good guard dog - appoarching any strangers with alot of bark, but wouldnt hurt a fly. she is very scared of my horses and the electric fencing after being shocked a few times on her tail lol
she is a very sweet natured dog and loves to dig, play ball or just chase the jack russell round the garden.
all the whinging and smelly wind is worth it as shes a joy to be around and brings alot of laughter into my household

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