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My Experience Babysitting Junior



Posted July 27, 2015

My friend left for vacation for 2 weeks and left me in charge of Junior, an 110 pound Doberman. I had met junior countless times before so he was very familiar with me. The change on him was drastic as he went from having a 3 floor house to run around in, to a 500 square foot studio. He was very nervous as first as he is an anxious dog in general, but adapted within 3-4 days. He had been previously trained by his owner therefor there were no accidents in the apartment. I would make an effort to walk him at least 2 hours a day as he was a big, and very energetic dog. The only problems we encountered were his barking when I would leave him alone, as he was used to constantly being around people, and his reaction to people and being startled. He is a very friendly and non aggressive dog, but if someone were to come out of the elevator as we were waiting, he would start barking very loudly which generally scared people. I reassured everyone that he was simply startled and is actually quite friendly. Some were still weary, but others who were familiar with dogs would approach him and act docile, which would calm him down; after that they would start petting him and he would become very friendly and start playing with them. Overall I had a great experience, and learned a lot about Dobermans. Junior is friendly with some other dogs, especially small ones, but is generally anxious around larger ones and barks a lot. He is a great family dog, but understandably, can easily startle young or small children because of his size and energy levels.

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