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Blackie the lovely mother


00144, Italy

Posted June 17, 2015

Blackie was the first dog that ever entered our home, we were all quite intimidated by the breed because of the popular belief that dobermans are dangerous, but in the moment this happy puppy arrived we understood that it was just a bunch of rumors.
She got trained almost instantly and it was incredible, I couldn't believe that a young dog like her could actually learn so fast and so good.
She was the most incredible dog I ever had, I was a kid when we got her and she didn't even once bite me or any of my friends even if we played nonstop with her, we even got a kitten after a few years and as soon as it arrived she adopted it and guided it like if it was her puppy.
The only sad and awful thing that I can think of was that her health wasn't as good as her, as the years went by she got weaker and weaker the vet told us she had a dilated cardiomyopathy which seems to be common in this breed, unfortunately we discovered it too late to actually help her and after some time she went missing.

My experience was more than positive, I believe that what helped her (and us) the most was the fact that we gave her firm directions from the beginning, making her understand not only what to do and to obey but also how much freedom she could have following such said instructions.
I'd recommend this breed to whoever has time and intention to train this wonderful and beautiful dogs the right way, they can give so much love but they also need a full-time owner :)

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