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Hope Dog Years Were Longer, Taylor


United States

Posted March 17, 2015

I am writing this review for the Doberman I own, Taylor. Hope that after reading my review you will consider buying this amazing dog. I never really considered Taylor to be a dog. I had always considered him to be a part of my family and my world. Initially when we got him, we realized that the more passive the dog is, the restless it gets. So, regular activities like brisk walking and running exercises are highly recommended. I’d suggest that go out and play fetch with him because it’s one of the best ways to connect to your dog and making him athletic at the same time. One particular point I noted with my experience with him was when more people socialized with him he tend to be less reserved. So, don’t just buy the dog and forget him. Play with him and consider it to be a part of your family because only then you will realize the true happiness in having this wondrous dog. Dobermans generally vary in their nature. For example, some are very obedient while some are dominant while some are regular cat chasers while some just love small animals. As far as Taylor is concerned, he was a huge fan of small animals and just loved spending time with them. So, before considering buying a Doberman, do pay heed to all these points. My recommendation is go for this dog if you’re looking for a dog that is athletic and loyal to you.

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