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Doberman Pinscher - Chanti


3158, Norway

Posted February 18, 2015

I was looking for a dog to start obedience work with, who could follow me to work everyday and be a family pet. I quickly found out that this breed was not for me!

This dog was very noisy and it turns out it's not unusual for the breed. She was always howling and barking, especially in the car. I took her to group trainings and had several professional dog trainers to look at her and they couldn't see the behavior as something I could train off, only slightly improve.

Chanti was a one-man-dog. She was attached to me but couldn't care less for my better half. She would go to work with me every day and guard me like no other when I made bank deposits at night after closing the shop I was working in at the time. I taught her to bark on command, partly because I thought it could be helpful in training her to be more quiet if she was aware of when she was barking or not. It didn't really help, but the exercise did come in handy one time in a dark alley.

Chanti was easy to train, I used toys in her training as treats was not her favorite. I went to obedience classes, tracking classes and started basics of human rescue training. She was ok with other dogs as long as they didn't come to close to her personal space.

Dobermans need a lot of mental training, strong boundaries and any owner must accept that they are not too family oriented but attaches themselves to one person. For me this was not the right kind of dog, I sold her at age of 1,5 years old to a couple who wanted a dog as company when hiking in the mountains and she was a good match for them. I heard later that she bit a child in their family and that she was put to sleep.

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