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Dude. Dog, I am going insane! Stop following me!


United States

Posted January 7, 2015

This dog is attached to me and my dad's side. It drives me insane! Don't get me wrong, I love him. I just want to strangle him too. Rusty is like that 3 year old kid that follows you every where and requires the constant attention of everyone in the room. You HAVE to have your hand on him all the time or he isn't happy. My dad says it isn't uncommon for a Doberman to be like that, but his codependence drives me crazy. I personally like independent dogs, but that's a personal choice.
Grooming wise it isn't horrible, but he sheds like there's no tomorrow. If I leave my stuff out it will be covered in Doby hair! We even went as far as to get rid of our couch because it was covered in so much hair. Health is what is weird. Rusty has always been super healthy until recently. Now he's losing some hair, like in patches, he has extremely large bumps under his skin, and he's kind of anorexic. The vet bills and such aren't cheap, but they aren't something to break the bank.
Personality is wonderful except for the codependence. His amazingly smart. Most Dobermans are. He picked up his training and new commands in a matter of days But he's always very goofy. He loves playing with adults, kids, cats, and other dogs within our family. Strangers or unknown animals he doesn't take to as well...or at all. I feel totally safe having him around kids or other family pets even if sometimes he thinks he's smaller than he really his so he plays a little rougher with the poodles than he should, but it's okay. They all get along.

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