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Doberman Pinscher - Growing Up With A Good Friend


United States

Posted November 25, 2014

I was six years old when my mom bought Yorgo from a professional breeder. I remember going to her house every weekend for about six months before we brought him home, just to see him and play with him and his litter mates. I thought he was so pretty - all black and tan and slender built, with legs like a colt.

Yorgo didn't really like me much at first. I was a little kid and probably annoyed him. I have also learned since then that Dobermans are very intelligent and bond very closely with their owners - and I think he was a bit jealous of me vying for my mom's attention. He did bite me more than once - but I can honestly say that I asked for it every time.

As I got older, though, Yorgo and I became good friends. I wasn't quite so annoying, hopefully, and I became more of a second mom to him or something. He started sleeping on my bed at night and curling up on the couch with me during the day. In fact, I think my mom got a little jealous sometimes when we'd spend so much time together. She told me more than once that I was "taking her dog."

Yorgo was very funny. He was so smart and almost comical in his behavior at times. For example, he knew that he was not allowed to beg when we were eating. In fact, my mom didn't even want him watching us eat. But, of course, he would watch us - as a dog is wont to do. Mom would quickly turn her head to look at him - to bust him, basically. And he'd immediately start looking at the ceiling and wall as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world. You could almost hear him whistling nonchalantly. It was funny.

Yorgo had a lot of health problems. He had bladder stones that were a big problem at times throughout his life and when he was 12, he got cancer. When it was bad enough, mom had him put to sleep. It broke my heart to lose him. He was a good friend.

I have known several Doberman Pinschers since then. I have consistently found them to be clean, neat, loyal, smart, and incredibly funny. They look fierce (and can be when they need to be) but they are also lovable clowns. They ARE very devoted to their owners and based on my own experience, I don't recommend them around small children without supervision. But they are wonderful animals and I would be very happy if another one came into my life.

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