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Albino Doberman


United States

Posted November 19, 2014

This pet was my ex's, and though some bias could come through because of that, ultimately she was a sweet dog. She was completely white with blue eyes, and though I've heard this breed called an Albino Doberman, I'm just going to stick with white Doberman. Her eyes gave her trouble as she had some difficulty seeing in bright sunlight. I'm not sure if it was an eye degeneration problem or just the light reflecting off her eyes versus into them. Besides, dogs are color-blind except to a certain limited spectrum and so as a hiking dog, which my ex's son used to take her on, she couldn't depend on much movement or color for navigating and would often step in places that were surprising and showed perhaps a lack of depth perception too. I don't know if, like hip dysplasia, some dog breeds are more prone to this sort of thing, or whether, as breeding for people's preferences goes (like a white Doberman), you remove some of the dog's natural heartiness.

I liked her though she was somewhat of a "fraidy dog" (and not the courageous defenders of hearth and home and people Dobermans have the reputation for). She could be playful. She would sometimes bark if she heard visitors approaching and other times she was oblivious. I offered to keep her when my ex moved out, at least until he had a more amenable place to stay that would accommodate both he and the Doberman, but he took her with him, like a child who both parents want, but of course, only one gets. In the photo included, you can't even see her blue eyes because they reflect the light, so they look like they're glowing, like a demon-dog Doberman. She was anything but. She was a good dog who took on some of the neuroses of her owner, and/or because some of the hardiness was bred from her.

Also, I have contacted Fiverr and asked about payment. I got no response except for a complaint and request for a different photo that need to be x number of pixels this way and that. I asked, so in other words, I won't get paid until NOW that I've done two Fiverr's, going on three, I'm not going to get paid? They clearly want me to buy some logo or offer more photos of myself, but it passed inspection when I first submitted it, so why a problem now. I'm sorry to embed this information here, but I don't know how else to get it to you without intervention. Since joining Fiverr, I've also gotten some other strange, unwanted emails, so after I finish your other three requested animals, I'm done with Fiverr and you should cease prepaying them. In fact, I've a mind to only put on these remaining animals on your site, so you won't be charged (because, after all, why should you pay it forward when they're not and the money isn't getting to me). You see my work on your site right away if you want, so it's no loss to you either, only me. I or you as system administrator can edit this last paragraph out later.

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