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My Doberman!


United States

Posted September 1, 2014

My sister and her husband have a Doberman pincher. He's a big boy, maybe 80lbs and his name is Kairo. I've know this dog his whole life, about 12 years, and I have been living them for 9 months now.

When he was a puppy, I was shocked at how quiet and sweet he was. My brother in law rescued the Doberman puppy because he wanted a "mean looking dog." I laugh at him constantly because Kairo is a sweet angel. He craves contact with people, so if you are lounging or sleeping he will try to cuddle with you. He also stresses out when he can't fit on the couch with us when we watch movies.

He is kind, yet protective. When the door rings, Kairo answers it with a loud bark. When he doesn't recognize someone he won't relax until he sees us be okay with whoever the stranger at the door is. We don't have an alarm system because we have Kairo.

Kairo is not particularly great with kids, however--and this is a big however--he would never hurt a child. He gives a warning growl and then he walks away.

I know a couple with two dobermans and a young child and they say their dogs never lose patience with their son. I think that part of being a responsible pet owner is always reminding people not to put their face in your dogs face, for example.

Dobermans are a terrific breed!

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