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Sadie - Almost Too Good to Be True


United States

Posted August 29, 2014

She was the best friend anyone could ever hope to love. Sadie, a blue Doberman, was a 7 week old puppy when I met her. While I was her favorite person (think VELCRO!), she loved everyone else in the family as well.

She had a special affinity for babies and young folks of all species, allowing our kittens to sleep on her back, gently nudging us away from our 8 year old son when he was crying while we bandaged his knee, and many years later, curling up near our sleeping grandbaby and menacingly eyeballing any of our other animals who came to near.

Sadie was one of those folks who had a wise old soul inside her. She was intuitive, clear-minded, intelligent. Never aggressive, she was nonetheless decisive and stood her ground when she felt her opinion mattered. Thankfully, she was usually correct in her analysis of the situation.

Sadie had two litters of puppies totaling 20 babies. She had strong maternal instincts and approached her responsibilities with a no-nonsense attitude. When prospective families came to visit our home to select a puppy, Sadie "interviewed" each one. She had an uncanny sense of people, and unless Sadie approved of families they didn't leave my home with a puppy. Yep - that's how much I trusted her judgment!

Sadie was graceful without being a snob, compassionate without being a push-over, intelligent without being pompous. The world became dimmer when she left it.

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