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My Doberman really was smarter than your student


United States

Posted August 12, 2014

My Phantom was my best friend. He was the standard by which I will measure all other animals. His intelligence was remarkable and only matched by his devotion and love of our family. I knew Dobermans were this way, but Phantom really set the mark in this regard.

He was so great with children too. I remember when my niece, at a year old, once had a comb in her hand while playing on the floor. Phantom, laying near her and casually watching, trotted over and used his teeth to gently pry it from her hands. He walked over to the couch, dropped the comb out of her reach, then came back and laid beside her. This was just one little amazing thing I've seen him do over the years.

Being so intelligent, you better train your Doberman or it will walk all over you. Mine was well trained and knew his boundaries; because of that, he flourished. He never aggressively went at anything unless he knew it to present some form of threat to his family. If that happened though, the transformation was remarkable...and swift. Dobies are amazing guard dogs, and when trained well know exactly when to take action. This is much better than a feral barking animal that looks like it will eat a passerby. Dobies are much more subtle...like ninjas.

For those that don't know, Dobermans are NOT bully breeds like Pit Bulls and Rotties. They are very emotionally attached to their family and are quite gentle toward even the smallest animals when raised that way. They aren't naturally overbearing like many other guard dogs. This makes them so sweet that you just can't imagine living without them.

My Dobie went wherever I went, slept where I slept, and loved who I loved. He was perhaps the greatest representation of unabashed love in my life. If you are the right person, I know you'll have the same experience.

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