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Doberman Pinscher Review


United States

Posted July 31, 2014

My experience with Dobermans spans sixteen years. My first Doberman was a lap dog, very friendly, never barked, never chewed things, essentially perfect behavior without any training. She lived to be fifteen years old, which is relatively old for this breed, their average being around ten years.
My second Doberman will be who I discuss from here on out. Mercedes was the runt of the litter, but weighs in at 75 pounds and she is seven now. She has a very deep chest and a shorter neck, but this is because her bloodline is from Germany, where they are raised as work dogs. She is healthy except incontinence ever since she was four. This was solved with a twice a week pill. She is extremely smart and playful, but can get too rough for some, especially small children who she will hurt unintentionally. We also choose to crop the tail (cut it off at birth) and crop and tape the ears to make them stand, a six month process. This is better though because it reduces ear infections and their tail doesn't knock stuff over, but it is personal preference.
She was a ball of energy when we got her from the breeder at five months. Seven years later, she has calmed a bit but still always wants to play. Ever since a baby, Mercedes has had occasional stomach troubles. She eats her food too rapidly, then drinks water, causing the food to swell and make her vomit. She also drinks water, spilling it everywhere might I add, until she gets so full she will come vomit water in the living room. This was remedied though with a special bowl and many small bowls of water.
Sadie, as we call her, is very high strung. Any creek or voices outside send her in the air lunging at the window barking. She will continue to bark until scolded, and will begin within a few minutes. She also watches tv with me and will get up and jump and bark at the tv, scratching furniture and spitting everywhere, if she sees an animal or cartoon character.
Overall, her health has been well, except when she eats her toys and gets sick. Doberman are normally healthy animals, although are known to have sensitive stomachs. She is a great dog because she is very protective and loving. Sadie doesn't always want to right on your lap, but ends up there sometimes. She also has energy to play and run; I enjoy taking her for runs, which she is very well behaved during.
She also does a few things which are not ideal and have been difficult to correct with training. These range from drooling absolutely everywhere, attacking animals on the tv, and barking which is bothersome in small spaces such as inside an SUV.
In closing, I love Doberman Pinschers. I have owned two and although they were very different, both physically and personality, I fell in love with both. They are generally good family pets, although Sadie is not well behaved around children, which proves there are exceptions. Also, they have the added benefit of "looking scary", which believe it or not goes a long way.

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