Doberman Pinscher

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You won't get near my property without my doberman high on your tail


Colorado, United States

Posted July 9, 2014

Dobermans are TOUGH, FAST and FEARLESS!
Wether or not you want a guard dog, you will get one. These dogs will have you sleeping safe and sound at night knowing that if ANYBODY attempts to make a move, they will be on them before you can even spell Doberman!

These dogs are very, very smart, and can pick up commands in a matter of a few repetitions - as demonstrated with ALL of my dobbies I've trained!
They are such hoot to be around as they can be clumsy when realaxed and having fun, and seem to ALWAYS find a way to make you laugh and smile.
They love to give you hugs, and a good petting will make their day.

These dogs are QUICK, and it's necessary that you exercise these dogs each day throughly otherwise they will find and destroy things, as well as run around your house knocking you and other things over (this has happened to me!)

Training and socialization is NOT a choice but a must! These dogs are too powerful and fast to have any chances be taken by not socializing and properly training them. If they truly wanted to hurt you, they would seriously do some damage.
And while they are truly a stable and trustworthy dog. It is imperative you take every responsible step as an owner of one of these dogs.

This is my number 2 favorite protection and guard dog second only to the Dogo Argentino, but not by much.

These dogs seem to love playing fetch, and will completely outrun almost any dog at the dog park while chasing down a ball.

Truly one of my favorite dogs without a doubt!

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