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Katrina (and a litter of nine)


United States

Posted May 29, 2014

Despite the bad rumors that go along with this breed, they can be a pleasure if they're well trained. Large and full of energy, these are not dogs that are easy to handle with out some sort of yard, and most certainly not something that you want in an apartment. They would drive you crazy before reaching a few years old!

Most of the doberman's that I've worked with have been pleasures to leash train, but a little bit more difficult to teach anything else. House breaking was an absolute nightmare. And weaning them?

Let's just say I was ready to call it quits.

Granted, I was dealing with a mother and nine puppies all at once, so that may have had something to do with it. They were little bundles of energy and darling things, that loved to rough house with each other.

As they were show dogs, both their ears and their tails were docked at a very early age. This practice is extremely common in the American show world, though not allowed in most European shows - so keep that in mind before putting it into practice.

Katrina was the mother, and the only doberman I've ever dealt with whose ears became infected during the 'standing' process. I was not in charge of changing the bandages on her ears at the time as I was still new to the kennel, and I blame it on the poor hygiene of the employee who was in charge of it. The tampons/wrapping wasn't changed near often enough.

There were no problems with any of her puppies ears, so that was nice.

I personally think these are one-dog-per-house animals. They are a real handful and require a lot of time and socialization. Many pounds, at least in my area, will not take dobermans in due to the difficulty in placing them.

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