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Posted May 18, 2014

I'll admit - I was one of many of you who who have effectually written off Dobermans as worthy household pets. I can't recall another breed getting such a bad rep for being temperamental, hostile, angry and absolutely positively not family friendly. Hearing all of this gave me some serious reservations about bring Thor into our home. And although he was in need of some serious TLC in the most unconditional ways possible, Thor turned out to be the perfect family dog. Thor was a shelter dog, pulled from a warehouse business that went south, leaving several dogs by the wayside. Thor was groomed to be an attack dog, and his story of abuse is text book. So we were pleasantly surprised when Thor's true colors played out in our family in a matter of weeks. Thor walked our property lines like it was his job, with a unique assertiveness and focus that is matched by few breeds. Thor was happy to check in with each member of the family as well. Its amazing what a consistent meal schedule, and a couple of tennis balls will do for a dog mentally.

Here's the thing with Dobermans... simply put they are dogs. If taken care of they will be the model family pet. It's not an exact science but dogs are hard wired to reciprocate love. Consequently a dog that is tormented and provoked will eventually lash out. Thor was never particularly impressed with the neighbor kids who did everything they could to push his boundaries... but his special way knew they posed no real threat. I'm thankful for Thor and this breed and in the right environment, they will be the perfect family pet.

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