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Posted May 8, 2014

A purebred Doberman: my 120 lb lap dog. He was so named because he was a sock thief, any sock left on the floor or in the laundry basket became his chew toy. When he sat in the front doorway, he was on patrol: No one walking by escaped his scrutiny, or very vocal comments.

We live by the beach, and dogs are barred from Spring until Fall, including the boardwalk and even the sidewalk on that side of the street. But the town does NOT place trash receptacles on the street, only on the boardwalk, so carrying a poop bag from a 120 lb dog for several blocks, sucks. I watched the bicycle cop up on the boardwalk, and figured that I could make a run for the trash receptacle, toss the poop bag and be back on the safe side of the street before he returned. The problem was my dog hated little white dogs such as poodles. And yes, a poodle pranced by. Before I could brace myself and the dog, Bandit took off for the poodle and dragged me face down, across the lawn. Yes, like a cartoon, so dignified.

At that moment, the local summer cop pulled to the curb, shouting and lecturing at me about dogs on the beach.

I managed to hobble to the cop car, still struggling with the dog and out of breath. The cop would not stop yelling. As I was defending the dog poop bag/receptacle drama, all I could think was: “You PUTZ! You saw a grown woman dragged through the dirt by a 120 lb Doberman, who can barely breathe and you don’t ask if she is okay?!”

I know the dog laughed.

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