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Linda the chaotic puppy


400091, Romania

Posted February 4, 2014

Although I have to admit that I like cats more then dogs, I do like dogs a lot too. So it was about 3 years ago, someone donated me a 3 months old female Doberman/Rottweiler puppy. Boy, was I in for an adventure.

I do not know the traits and personalities of other breeds of dogs, nor do I know if all young dogs are like this, but Linda was definitely the most headstrong, stubborn and unruly dog I knew.

The first few days were calm and she slowly got used to her new surroundings. She did not even cry much at night, being content to just sleep in front of my bedroom, never entering. But once those first days passed, the chaos started. She ran around the house, knocking things over. She chewed on everything she
found, including my stereo cables and shoes. She would wake up early in the morning jumping on my bed and waking me up. It was insane. And the problem was that I did not know what to do.

Saying "No" or "Don`t" or "Down" had absolutely no effect. She would stop for a few seconds, than would do exactly the thing she was not allowed to do. When I sat down to eat, she would be at the table in seconds, constantly trying to jump in my lap so she could snag a bite. Of course nothing I said, would make her stop. I knew I was in over my head.

Worst of all, dog owners told me that young puppies could not be taken outside for at least 4-5 months, so my kitchen was full of dog poo, Linda somehow thinking that it was ok to poo there. She did not do it anywhere else, luckily.

Another problem was feeding her. I had no idea what to feed a dog, so I gave her things like leftover meat, boiled potatoes or bacon. After a few weeks, I could clearly see that she lost a lot of weight. Only much later did I find out that young dogs need a special diet.

So after that, I decided that she needed a new home. A nice place, a house with a garden, and someone with lots of time and patience at their hands, and I did find just such a place for her, with a family living in the suburbs of town.

Although I really liked little Linda, I can only recommend this breed of dog to someone with knowledge of dogs, how to train them, what to feed them. Definitely not to someone who never had a dog before. And that person should probably have lots of space and easy access to the outside, and should not keep a Doberman puppy in an apartment.

On the plus side, I still fondly remember her waiting for me every evening when I came back from my job, and jumping around and at me with happiness when she saw me. So go and get yourself a puppy of this breed, but know first what you are getting yourselves into and prepare accordingly.

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