Doberman Pinscher / Great Dane Mix

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1876, Jamaica

Posted December 10, 2013

Blackii, was my dogs given name. I was merely a baby when he was named and had no input in the decision of his name. Black, lean, with brown on his legs and in his chest and ears. Alert, Obedient, Loyal, Energetic, Fearless and Intelligent. He resembled a Doberman (with a long tail) although he was 100% mongrel. I grew up with this animal, he slept out side, many times in the garage or beneath the steps of my kitchen. We grew up together, he treading behind me as I went to school or church, me sending him back to the yard to reduce the chances of him being killed by a car or stolen. He always went back obediently, reluctantly and after whining protests, but obediently. His canine companion was his mother Sheila, a much older, more mature dog than he. The two had contradicting personalities Blackii was Always on the move and easily excited. As a pup he destroyed many slippers, chased many wild rosters and chickens... When he got older he became more adventurous, he was rarely in the yard, always in the bushes hunting, playing with other dogs in the neighborhood and always searching for sex mate (even when its not mating season). Blackii would get into numerous fights with other male dogs often over a bitch or the alpha dog position in the neighborhood. Blackii was home for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between, because he was trained never to take food from strangers (for risk of being poisoned). Blackii was our "watch dog" he was Alert to strangers and extremely protective, he would attack and threaten invaders unless told to stop. So protective that in an effort to protect my cousin and I from a dog that threatened us, I ended up being bitten on the arm by him. The two dogs got into an intense fight and Blackii being the younger of the two was being overpowered, so in an effort to protect my dog I tried pulling him away and he sunk his perfect fangs into my arm. I didn't hate him for it, my detest was more for that other dog. His aggressive nature ended up in him being "sanded" (stranger intoxicating your dog so he cannot bark, always coughing as though sand was in his throat). Blackii like any regular Jamaica (male) mongrel loved food and sex. He ate anything edible we threw at him, he even helped himself to our food if it was left unattended outside (he was never allowed in the house; except during a thunder storm). Blackii mounted every kind of bitch he could find, and on about 4 different occasions impregnated a poorly kept dalmatian, he even mounted his mother. Blackii had about 4 sons, 2 died. They grew up with other families in the neighborhood. Numerous times, he had to be treated for fleas and cuts and sprains. Blackii was always a healthy dog, his diet consisted mainly of (but not limited to) cooked cornmeal with meat scraps seasoned lightly. As he got older he became slower, more calm and mellow. He hated bathing, and though it happened rarely, would always protest. He had to be chained to be bathed. Which brings me to his untimely departure, chained in the garage prepped for a bath, when my mom left him to get his flea powder, soap ect. (N.B. he was loosely and comfortably tied like all other 500 times). Upon returning we discovered him dangled from a corner with his paw stuck in the neck hold. He died. The way it looked, seemed like an accidental suicide. He lived to about 8 months.

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