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Dotty Dalmatians


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Posted February 8, 2014

So my experience with Dino the Dalmatian was actually some time ago when I was young but I can still recount the days spent with him as crystal as the foreign seas.

We never owned Dino as a puppy, so our relationship started when he was about 5 years old. He came from a household that housed a few other Dalmatians so straight away he was bounding around his new home buzzed with energy. We didn't own any other dogs at the time so it was hard to keep him settled down. With him not being able to play all the time he started getting up to mischief doing things like digging up the lawn and ripping apart the rubbish bins.

Now he wasn't malnourished and actually probably overate a little but that still didn't stop him playing with the trash. We know he wasn't greedy because when he first moved in he got told off for it and never went back to it again. At least until the amount of time spent with him started dropping. I still played with him every day, however after the hype of the 'new dog' my Mother and Father played with him a lot less. Not that they had forgotten about him they just had other things to do. With only me showing a proper interest in playing with him Dino would get very excited when I came home or out of my room. This isn't a bad thing of course, I mean he's excited to see me.

Unfortunately Dalmatians are known to be clumsy and tend to cause accidents. So with him excited and eager as well as being clumsy he became an issue. He would run at me and not be able to stop and just topple me over or he would jump on top of me like he was playing with his sibling (another dog) and I started getting hurt. This of course led to him getting punished whenever he would get over excited. This obviously was going to have a negative impact. Imagine being told you’re never allowed to get excited or have fun! Eventually this lead to Dino running away constantly trying to find other friends to play with. So push came to shove and my parents had to sell him to another dog owner so he could be with his own kind.

Now just because this is a negative review on Dalmatians don’t be put off by them. As I have stated he was a kind and playful dog however, not being able to train him ourselves and moving him into a different environment was going to have some sort of repercussion. Owning from a young stage would obviously be very different and there may very well be positive reviews of people taking in older Dalmatians. This is just my experience with dotty Dalmatians. Good luck finding your new friend.

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