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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Posted January 15, 2014

Pokey, a stocky Dalmatian, came to our house when my twin brother were small boys. At first, we were afraid of a dog that was almost as tall as we were, but before long, Pokey became a close friend. He played with us in all games, and never minded pats on the head or games of tackle.

He was strong dog who protected our yard and others in our country neighborhood. He was territorial and fought legendary battles with the neighbor's brown American Bulldog. Perhaps one of the negatives about this dog was that he tended to roam the wooded areas and neighbors' yards across the highway.

My mother got the dog for herself, but before long, Pokey became our dog. When our parents would come to discipline us, he stood between them and us and growled until they left.

As he grew older, Pokey began having trouble moving. Eventually, arthritis set in his hips so completely that he could stand or lie down only with great difficulty and pain. The vet advised us that his suffering was acute, and our parents opted to have him put down to end that terrible existence he had.

Our Dalmatian proved to be a wonderful pet. Pokey tolerated visitors as long as they posed no threat to us boy. On some occasions, he sensed danger, although it might have been a false alarm, and refused to let strangers out of their cars. Pokey was the perfect pet for two rambunctious boys as he played with and protected us.

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