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My sweet smiles Cleo


United States

Posted August 17, 2015

Cleo came to us through a woman at my office who had bred her Dalmatian. She had sold all her puppies except 2. Cleo was a purebred with papers and was about 4 months old. One of the cutest little things you ever saw. We brought her home and our young cat met us in the driveway. As I introduced Cleo to my husband...the cat began chasing Cleo around the cars...and then Cleo began chasing the cat and back and forth. Too funny. That was our first glimpse of our little Cleo and little did we know she would never outgrow this energy. We were busy professionals and our children were in school and sports full-time. I began to feel that we could not give Cleo enough time so we sent her to live with my father who was retired and lived alone in northern CA. At this time we had moved to Seattle. I thought Cleo would cheer my father who had loved Perry (our first family dalmatian) and give him company. Unfortunately Cleo was too young and had too much energy for my aging father. Soon we had to bring her back home. We tried our best to give her the love and attention she desired...but we just could not. Eventually we had to sell her and it broke my heart. She was our only dog who actually grinned when you saw her. She loved us so much, but she also needed so much. She had boundless love and energy. I hope that she was happy with her new family. They had another dalmatian on a large farm and had more time to share. I would advise if you get a Dalmatian to ensure you do have a large yard, enough time and energy to give it.

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