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United States

Posted May 7, 2015

My family raised a Dalmatian from when I was in fourth grade until about a year into college. That dog, Joe, was like another member of our family. He was very attached to my brother and followed him around everywhere. He loved just hanging out with our family, lounging in the living room while we all watched TV. He loved sneaking food from under the table at dinner time even more.

On the plus sides, he was already fully grown and trained when we got him from a friend. He was kind to strangers, after a bark or two. And he was very kind and protective of our family. Not to mention, he was beautiful and the envy of the neighborhood!

On the down side, he had a lot of health issues, including bad hips. But mostly, throughout the last half of his life, he would have sporadic seizures, and was nearly blind in the end. He also didn't get along well with the other pets in our family, which included cats and a German Shepherd. We found it best to keep them separated as much as possible.

On the smelly side, he had awful gas! He could clear the room with just one little pfft! Thank goodness he was house trained though. We hardly ever had any troubles with "potty" in the house. He did, however, go through the trash on occasion.

I would recommend this dog to a family or single adult without very small children or other small pets. This kind of dog needs a lot of attention and exercise, otherwise they can get anxious. But if you have the time to invest, then they are warm, loyal pets.

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