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My best friends Dalmatian



Posted April 10, 2015

Whilst I am not the owner of beautiful Izzy, I see her on almost a daily basis as our dogs play together and her owner is by best friend. Consequently I am daily exposed to what it is like to own the famed breed of the Dalmatian.
Izzy as she is affectionately named has only been in our lives for 8 months but she has most definitely enriched them and made an everlasting impact. She is a very happy-go-lucky dog whom is always delightfully happy to see people and would play fetch non-stop if allowed. She is extremely clever and loves to be around humans. So much so that our friends had to put an extra lock on their front door because clever Izzy worked out how to unlock and open it.
She has a tendency to get easily bored and so must constantly be kept stimulated and occupied. When she is, she is a lovely and well behaved dog. But when she is not she can become very destructive. If she is left unattended for long periods of time, she again can be largely destructive. Some of this destructing behaviour is included in the description provided, as digging and barking, but one that is not mentioned and one that my friends have found to be the most prevalent is that of her chewing. She has gotten better with age, but the issue has not left completely and perhaps never will.
We have no conformation about how she is around children, except what we have experienced whilst out on walks accompanied by my dog, who is great with children. She has not had exposure as the lone dog and so I am unable to comment on this trait unfortunately.
Izzy gets along fantastically with other dogs, particularly my own dog as mentioned above; the two are almost inseparable. Cats however are a slightly different story as she wastes no time in vigorously chasing them.
Izzy LOVES water and would be anything to play nonstop in it. As soon as she sees a pond or puddle she is instantly drawn to it.
Something I cannot stress enough is that she does require a firm hand and without this, she will misbehave. When given the opportunity to do something she is not usually allowed to do such as jump up on the lounge or take food from people at the table, she jumps at it. She requires a high level of exercise – a vigorous walk every day. If this is not achieved, she becomes quite naughty and hard to handle.
So far the only health issue typical of the breed that my friends have been exposed to is the sensitivity of her skin, which is heightened by sand and preservatives in food. This is something however that is common in many breeds of dog and of which I have been witness to in a Doberman, American Staffordshire Terrier, a Huntaway cross, and my own Golden retriever cross Staffy.
In summary, my advice when it comes to wanting to own a Dalmatian is to ensure that there is much room for the dog to play and occupy itself when you are not home, that you have developed grass and gardens so they are less likely to rip them up, that you have the time for constant daily exercise and attention and that there is at least one person in the house who has own a dog before and has a firm, dominant hand ready to discipline with positive encouragement. If all this has been sorted out and confirmed then a Dalmatian will provide so much love and joy to your household and I would most definitely recommend owning one.

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