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18000, Czech Republic

Posted March 21, 2015

Well I love all my dogs and therefore it hurts me when I just can't help. Deniska was an amazing dog but the problem was that we received her with the house we bought and she was old to train by then - I mean - not that old but the main problem was that she was too scared and nervous. The pre-owners were probably beating her or something because she was very scared when we got her. We had to built a relationship with her and it lasted pretty long actually. For few months we could'nt even touch her - that's how scared she was. But we loved her anyway of course plus she was a great guard dog. The problem is that when we moved from the house we had to leave her there we couldn't take her with us to Prague so I am pretty sad it ended like this because by the time we were leaving we already had a good relationship - she would come to me and make me caress her and then we had to leave. But I am sure she is well we keep in touch with the good people there and sometimes we stop by. She seems happy - if not, we would take her to Prague no matter what. :) When we bought the house it looked pretty bad - we were reconstructing the house. The picture is from the very beginning when the house looked awful and also from the time when we could touch her only when we had food for her - but also she loved my dad from the very beginning so it was easier for him :) he is the one on the picture.

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