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Dalmatians Are Fun and Full of Energy


United States

Posted January 19, 2015

I adopted a 2-year-old Dalmatian from an acquaintance that could no longer take care of him. This was my first mid-size dog. What was great about my dog was that he was energetic, funny (exhibited some unusual behaviors at times), social, loyal, and very active. I must admit that I had a very difficult time training him. My dog was very intelligent, but at the same time very stubborn and easily distracted. I also did have an issue with him jumping on people, so he could not be trusted around small children. The inability to adequately train him was primarily my fault because I employed very soft dog-centered training. I think that Dalmatians need a pet owner that is not a novice trainer and that can exhibit consistent alpha-type leadership.

This dog breed also requires a lot of attention and socialization, and does not fare well alone for extended periods of time during the day. Since they are highly intelligent, if they feel lonely they will get into things, become destructive, dig holes, and bark. I would not recommend this dog if you live in a small apartment. I also have to mention that they have short hair that is difficult to remove from fabric and furniture.

If you are to adopt a Dalmatian, I would suggest that you deal with reputable individuals only, as one-sided and two-sided deafness is a common occurrence in this breed. This type of dog also requires a special diet because they are prone to developing urinary stones, so you must buy special low-purine foods.

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