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Dalmation -The Charmer


United Kingdom

Posted December 10, 2014

I bought my dalmation in Holland where I lived for 3 years. Unfortunately the quarantine regulations in Europe were very strict at the time. So when my family and I returned to N Ireland we had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave him hehind with a loving family rather than have him living in a cage for 6 months.
This dog was very affectionate towards the family and very welcoming to all strangers. So I could not recommend a dalmation as a guard dog.
He is the ideal pet for someone who enjoys walking as he has lots of energy. This dalmation was very enthusiastic and a real socialite. He had a very sweet temperament and I can't remember ever hearing him growl or being aggressive at any time.
If you enjoy walking then a dalmation would be a great choice as they are energetic.
My dalmation used to smile when I called him a good boy or when he had been naughty to charm his way out of a reprimand. I can't guarantee that you will find one who smiles but their enthusiasm will compensate for that! Keep your ornaments out of reach or they may be knocked over by a constantly wagging tail!
He loved company and was completely trustworthy and kindly towards my 3 year old son and he slept with the cat,
On the other hand he did not like to be left alone and on the few occasions that he was, I came home to find a large disintegrated teddy bear and a few chewed up slippers.
If you live in an apartment or are not at home most of the day then I would not recommend a dalmation. If Kojak was typical of the breed then you could not find anything closer to "a doggie angel"

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