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Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Posted July 5, 2009

Beautiful dogs! Loving and loyal, if not a little too much, he seems to want to be with me all day long following me everywhere, which is fine cause I'm at home all day, but if you work more than a few hours a day I could see them getting quite distressed. They are extremely active, wanting to play for hours on end and walk for miles! Very lively too, I have trouble with mine jumping up, anyone that walks into my house gets a face full of  Dalmatian which can be quite disturbing for strangers, obviously family and friends are used to it.
Walking for me is a bit of a chore. I know its not the case with all Dalmatians because a lady down the road from me has one too that walks beautifully, mine however is a nightmare! Its probably due to a fault on my part, not training him properly but he can pull for England!
Health-wise I've read, and heard that they can be prone to urinary stones, so its best to feed them on a low protein diet. I also know for a fact that they are prone to allergies, mine developed a very unsightly skin allergy, the vet didn't seem to have a clue so i tried simply changing his food to a no added colour/preservative one and it cleared up a treat!
He's good with older children(cause of the whole jumping up thing), cats, dogs he's a bit funny with, if he meets them up close he's fine but if they are across the street or over the other side of the park he gets very aggressive and barks a lot.
He's only 3 so I'm sure I've got a lot more to learn (god help me) but if I had to sum him up.... VERY affectionate, playful, hyper, Jealous (of other pets) , a little bit needy, and last of all Gorgeous!

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