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My lovely Dalmatian


4837, Luxembourg

Posted August 26, 2014

My parents gave me my Dalmatian puppy for my birthday when i was 4 years old. I was still a little kid that time, so I didn’t understand much about animals, it scared me when he start to jump and run and throw me to the ground, so I ended up crying many times.
However, that was normal when you own a dalmatian puppy, she still lacked training and i was just a child that time, so I was like her playmate.
We grew up together, she loved to come and sleep in my room sometimes. When my mom happen to see her in my bed, she would put her on the place where she was supposed to sleep. She would end up crying all night.
When i was 7 years old, I started to trying to train her, and i was amazed on how she would able to obey my orders so easly. She learned fast! I played catch the ball, roll on the floor and even handshake!
I lived in a small town with many lakes. On summer days, I would take her and went to the lake to swim. She loved it, that she’d ran around and then come and swam with me to the waters.
She never had many diseases, so we only went once a year to the vet for her regular yearly check-up.
The only thing that gave me more work with her was when she got pregnant, and she ended up having eleven babies!
She was getting weak from feeding them all, so I had to buy supplement milk and start feeding them myself, so she could regain her strenght. Happily, we found good owners for the babies and they took very good care of them.
I would advise that be very careful if your thinking of lettig your Dalmatian having babies, because they bore large babies most of the time.
Dalmatian are great guard dogs too. They will alarm you if anything strange is happening around your house.
Dalmatian are good and lovely pets, its normal for a puppy to be messy and sometimes end up throwing your kid to the ground, but it’s just he or she is wanting to play. You just have to train him so he can understand what you want and don’t want him to do.
She passed away in August 2009 due to old age.

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