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Polka: not so dotty


United Kingdom

Posted August 6, 2014

We got Polka as a pup and from day one he has been the life of the party. Sometimes he wants the party to go on a bit longer than everyone else, but we've learned to manage his bundles and bundles of energy!

They're not kidding when they tell you that Dalmatians need exercise. Other dogs might be satisfied with a jog down to the park and back a couple of times a day, but Polka must have walked the circumference of the globe by now, easily. He loves nothing more than a good hour or more out on the Common - frisbee, ball, stick, he'll chase and chase until he's ready to fall over.

It does mean you need a responsible dog sitter when you're away, though. Anyone who skimps on the walk will leave him a hyper mess who's just so restless. Only made that mistake once, never again.

He can be a bit fussy about his food, but he's prone to urinary crystals which means he's on a special diet. Thankfully he likes the prescription brand and we buy online in bulk which keeps costs down.

As a watchdog he's a big snoop, nothing on our street gets past him. Luckily he's not very aggressive about it, although he doesn't like other dogs invading his territory - the only time we've seen a hint of bad temper in him.

A pleasure as a pet, but not for everyone. We waited on vet advice until the kids were old enough to be around such a big and energetic dog safely, and they're now helping with the walks, strapping teenagers the pair of them!

If you're quite active and want to step it up, I can think of no better walking companion. If you're more of a couch person though, there are definitely more suitable breeds.

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