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40627, Germany

Posted May 14, 2014

We got our Nick from a dog shelter. He was still a pure breed with great posture and body composition. But that wasn't the main reason to get Nick as a puppy.
He was lively as hell and it was necessary to take a least two hours a day to play and work with him until he was really old with 12 years and he got quiter. Without enough attention he used all the energy to annoy us to no end. Dog opera at it's best. Well, the fun part was that he would prefer to howl to certain bands and music, like "Die Toten Hosen".
I guess a Dalmation really is an outdoor dog. He could run for hours next to me or my girlfriend riding her bike. He was a real hunter and we had to be careful with him because he used to chase everything smaller than him which was no other dog. Some dead rabbits marked his way... But he liked sheep very much with no apparent reason, for us.
We were lucky that Nick was very healthy and only had minor issues and got only sick with old age, some race typical urination stuff...
Nevertheless as an "outdoor dog" he was very sensitive to cold and hot weather.
As non-castrated male he was ready to jump almost anything female and always played Pasha. But even smaller more aggressive dogs could mostly best him. In the end he was a bit of a coward. Fireworks and even strange noises caused be wind made him literally shiver and he was fast below our bed to hide.

On really annoying thing about Dalmations. The hair they shed all the time are everywhere in your house. Cleaning on a daily basis can be necessary. You may look like a dog yourself when a Dalmation rubs his body on you. Black clothes? Could look like whitend fur afterwards... ;-)

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