Pepper Dude

Dalmatian / Poodle Mix

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Pepper the DalmaDoodle


United States

Posted April 4, 2015

My first dog was a poodle and I always loved them. I had some medium sized ones on and off and my husband and I had a good time with them,but he always wanted a bigger dog. We were thinking about another dog but hadn't decide after our old Husky and our mini poodle both passed away over a couple of years and then we went to Phoenix for a business trip. We saw this beautiful curly black and white dog in the mall and it was so cute and sweet. We were worried about buying a dog from the mall though so we asked about it. They said a breeder there in Phoenix had a litter and they occasionally got really healthy dogs from her. They gave us her name and said they were fine with us checking on it even if we bought a different dog. We went to the breeder and her dogs were all poodle hybrids or I guess what people call designers. We didn't care because they had the personality of poodles but were different looking. She said the one we saw at the mall would grow to be a medium to large dog because he was half standard poodle and half dalmatian. His daddy was a 70 pound dog and mother was about 55 lbs. The parents were sweet and we bought the one we had seen at the mall and have just loved him.

He can be a little more nervous than bigger poodles usually are so maybe that is from the dalmation. He needs a lot of grooming like poodles but that was fine with us. My husband was happy that he was going to be bigger and he did turn out to be pretty large. He is a loud barker but we never worry anyone will come to our door without warning! Even though he barks he is gentle and nice with strangers and kids so we don't worry that he will ever be a problem in that area. He just barks so we think that makes him kind of good as a guard dog even though he probably wouldn't hurt a fly and when people come for repair work or anything he doesn't care at all.

Since he gets groomed professional a lot he always smells nice and is good about keeping clean unless he finds something to roll in. He is very smart and was easy to train except for crate training because he wanted to be with us. We took him to puppy classes and they helped with socializing him and crate training and he comes when called so we have little problems with him except some barking.

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