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Dalmatians- The Fire house dog


Massachusetts, United States

Posted June 1, 2012

I aquiredmy dog a dalmatian mix from the SPCA I was working at. He was hit by a car with a dislocated elbow. I was walking through the area where the cages were and allI could hear was a thumping noise. It was Loud! I look over and there was this gorgeous spotted pup with a dangling leg. It was love at first sight! I knew that if I didnt take him he would get put to sleep. So i managed to adopt him much to my parents dismay! Max is now 15 years old, blind and arthritic with hip dysplasia. he probablly doesnt have too much time left with us :(
The dalmatian was used as a gaurd dog. They have amazing athletic abilities. Dalmations were "carriage dogs" they would run under or next to horse drawn carriages to protect the family and to encourage the horses to keep moving. They also did this for horse drawn fire equipment. That is how they came to be fire dog mascots in this country.
My dog max as well asother dalmatians are weary of strangers. My Max is 10x more likely to bite a stranger than my pitbull! A new neighbor put his hand over the fence to pet Max and he didnt appreciate that!
dalmatians can suffer from some health issues. Deafness (born this way), kidney stones, hip dysplasia.
When socialized froman early age they can be quite friendly and trusting. But it is their nature to suspicious with strangers. I don't think they are an ideal kids dog, but maybe if they were raised together it wouldn't be an issue.
Even though they have a short coat, sometimes pupsdevelop longer coats (like max) either way the SHED LIKE CRAZY. I have never in my life seen a dog shed so much. Its year round and if it is a short coat the hairs get stuck in fabrics. We honestly do not own fleece,anything black or navy blue.
A couple of interesting facts:
- pups are born with no spots-they start to develop them about a week after birth.
-They have made movies such as 101 dalmatians
-Anheuser-busch has a mascot that is a dalmatian

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