Dalmatian / Labrador Retriever Mix

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California, United States

Posted November 26, 2013

I've been a dog lover for a decade now. I got my pup at a shelter back when I was in college in Texas in 2003. I initially thought I wanted a chow, but when I met the chows and their mama at the shelter, momma was a bit on the aggressive side to say the least, ha. So I perused the other kennels and came across the pup I have now had for 10 years. A dalmatian mix, still milking off her kind and gentle mother dog.

This pup's gone with me across three states now and has been great in all locations and weather!

She was a bit of a spaz when she was a puppy, always wanting to be involved in whatever was happening. I used to punish her for being bad (getting into the garbage or running into the street or just not listening) by putting her in the bathroom because the best punishment for her, I realized early on was to exclude her from whatever was happening around her. She didn't want to miss out on anything her owners and friends were up to.

She sheds quite a bit, but has NEVER smelled and is just the right size to wrestle with but not large enough to be stinky or to take up too much space on a couch or bed.

She's very smart as well..I literally don't even have to leash her when I let her out in the morning. I can open my front door to my suburban neighborhood and let her out front and then go make coffee. She will circle the block and sniff things and say hi to the neighbors and then come back around the other side of the block and come inside. I pick up her poops later the same day to keep the neighbors happy. I jave been doing this for 7 years now and never had an issue.

When friends bring their little children around i do get wary and sometimes put her away because she always physically shows that she is not comfortable with people that are that little and that in her face, and once she did bark(kind of snap) at a friend's 6 year old, so I figure in her older age I'd keep her away from kiddos.

She has never had any health problems aside from a torn ACL which was the result of a friend playing too hard with her at the beach, but other than that.. I've never even had to take her in for any kind of sickness. Pretty crazy to be honest.

She loves to run and still at 10 people think she's a puppy. Granted she is a mix, and I hear mixes are the best because they tend to have less issues with inherent disorders, so I would recommend that to all folks that want a new pup.

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