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The tale of a very large dog.


United States

Posted December 10, 2013

I rescued Connor when he was a year old. He was a happy, lovable puppy with a great personality. He got along with just about everyone, except cats.
However, Connor was a BIG dog. I mean, really big. I’ll admit that I barely crack five feet tall, but he came well past my hips when standing on all fours. Despite his intimidating size, Connor was a puppy at heart and yearned to run free and play all day long. Unfortunately, his size and his personality led him to begin jumping our fence in order to escape our (rather large) backyard in favor of our neighborhood. Many people suggested that I use a shock collar on him or chain him up. I refused to do either when faced with the soulful eyes of my best friend. Looking back, perhaps I shouldn’t have resisted so much. We lived just off a main street and one day when Connor once again jumped our six foot fence, he was hit by a large Chevy truck. I heard his howling but Connor passed on before I could even call the vet.
There were a lot of pros to owning my prodigious protector: he was incredibly loyal and friendly; never bit a soul, though he may have scared the bejesus out of a few cats. He got along with strangers and children alike, though his high amount of energy was difficult to keep up with. And his size and strength, coupled with my stubborn refusal to chain or lock him up, eventually led to his downfall.
I recommend Dalmatians or Great Danes to anyone who has a large property where they can run, preferably with some children as company. These are large, loyal, loving dogs who will steal your heart. Let’s just hope they don’t run away with it like Connor did!

Please note that the accompanying photo is not of Connor but of a Great Dane who greatly resembled him. Sadly, all photos of Connor are locked away in a storage unit.

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