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Daschunds are the best!!


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Posted May 7, 2014

We have had several other breeds in the past, and even a different dachshund before. Of all of the breeds, of all of the personalities, of all of the pets we have ever had, our dachshunds have been the best. They are easy to train. Both of the "weiner dogs" that I have had have been extremely easy to house train. These are very smart dogs. Some people have negative experiences with their dachshund being a little territorial, or maybe even a little aggressive. I can not speak for the males, but the females that we have had have been great tempered, and are perfect around very small children.
My daughter is 3 and we got Rosie about a year ago now, and she pulls and tugs on Rosie's ears almost constantly. She lays on the dogs, drops stuff on her, and pulls her tail. Rosie never snaps, or nibbles, or anything. She is a great babysitter. Our other dachshund was like that as well. I can not say enough good about this breed!
Rosie does shed a little. In the early spring her short hair tends to cling to your clothing after you pick her up. But even then it is not that bad.
She also has a tendency to be too friendly with the neighbors, and at times it can be hard to keep her in our yard and to keep her from running off. In my experience she will likely grow out of this as she gets a little older. She is still a puppy at this point.

I would highly recommend this breed.

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