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Hampton, Virginia, United States

Posted April 19, 2014

My family got a long-haired dachsund puppy when I was about 6 or 7 years old. She was an awesome dog; but loud at times (more often than not) and tended to be quite messy when it was time to shed. I remember my mom at first would put her outside during the warmer months to get some air and maybe run out some energy, which she had a lot of in her younger years. The issue there is that she would bark non stop! After a few times with that we couldn't let her outside. The times she manages to escape the front door if we were going in and out, she would be tearing down the street and we'd be behind her trying to catch her.

As you can see, overall training was just not working with her. Once she was about 10 or 11 it finally had clicked, which in my opinion was a bit late but at least it had finally happened.

With family, she was an absolute lover. She loved playing with children and got along with other dogs whenever they happened to come around for her to play with. There was no way she could ever be a guard dog or alert us of anything, because she's probably come up wagging her tail rather than question what was going on.

Overall, this was the dog I grew up with, and I miss her dearly. Other than not being able to trust her at all outside and the amount of hair we were having to clean up around the house, I could not have gotten a better dog.

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