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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

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Long-Bodied, Short-Legged, Rat-Tailed, Floppy-Eared, Little Dog


Ontario, Canada

Posted March 21, 2014

He was, as all dogs should aspire to be, a good dog. A shorthair, miniature dachshund, Izzy weighed 13 lbs and didn’t mind being picked up and carried like a baby. Rescued from poor conditions as an adult dog, he was untrained but quickly learned commands like, “sit,” and “stay,” and was an easygoing dog from the start. He preferred to be sitting on the sofa or sleeping under the covers, opposed to his dog bed, and could always be counted on to keep me warm on cold winter nights. Being small, he didn’t take up much room; however, he excessively cleaned his paws, leaving wet spots behind.

He was small in stature with the courage of a much larger dog. He alerted the family to visitors at the door; he barked but never snapped or bit anyone. The only negative attribute about Izzy was that he was uneasy around children. His companion Bella (another miniature dachshund) was quite friendly to anyone willing to rub her belly. One thing Izzy excelled at was hunting; as a mouser he was capable of catching and detecting mice in the house. He would not be the dog to own if you had rodents like guinea pigs as pets. As a breed, the shorthair, miniature dachshunds did not shed as much as other dogs my family has owned. It will be very difficult to find another dog that was as calm as Izzy or who was such a constant companion to me. Dachshunds have become a beloved breed amongst my family for their overall temperament, cuddly attitude and ease of ownership. From my experience with several of these long-bodied, short-legged, rat-tailed, floppy-eared, little dogs, I would highly recommend the breed.

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