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I wouldn't want a dachshund for my self, but I'm glad I have one anyway


United States

Posted February 26, 2014

I got my grandfather a dachshund puppy for his birthday one year (he’s loved the breed his entire life). It pooped on my bed the day I got it and, other than that, I didn’t think about it until a few years later… when my grandfather moved in with me.

I have never cared for small dogs, and the dachshund is no exception. This one was terrified of me and it took several months before it would come close enough to let me tough it. At the same time, it was always underfoot begging for scraps. Even more obnoxious was the fact that it never stopped barking at me to try and get me to throw his ball. Of course, a lot of this is due to training (or a lack thereof). My grandfather spoiled this dog and would immediately negate every inch of progress I made in training the thing.

On the other hand, it seems like a perfect companion dog for an older person. The dachshund is crazy about my grandfather (though he hates everyone else) and won’t leave his side save for the occasional bathroom break. He is small enough that my grandfather can pick him up unassisted and cuddle with the dog for hours while he watches TV or reads a book. He is also endlessly amused by the dogs annoying antics.

I’m grateful that my grandfather has this dog to keep him company in spite of how much I dislike it and hate being woken up every morning with its barking. As my other pets have passed away and I spend a lot of time away from home, it is really great that he has such a devoted dog to spend his time with.

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