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Posted February 7, 2014

Dachshunds make great family pets, but I would suggest that they be raised with small children from the start. They can be a bit temperamental and jumpy around small children if they are not used to them.
If you choose this breed, expect to be hands-on because they are lap dogs and love to cuddle. They like to be with their owners and will actually choose a favorite in a multiple member household, so don't be too upset when your pet picks somebody else to be their favorite other than you! They can be either inside or outside dogs, but wouldn't be good outside in colder climates.
Dachshunds have “little dog syndrome” and can make for some good watch dogs. They were actually bred to be hunters; their long bodies and “never back down” attitude are perfect for digging out badgers, even though badgers are bigger and heavier than Dachshunds. They are trainable, with some work, and have even been known to participate in racing competitions.
They come in three main types; short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. I have personally had a short-haired and a wire-haired and neither posed much of a shedding problem. Like most other dogs, they come in a multitude of colors; my favorite is a Dapple, which is similar to a cow dog in coloration. One fun thing about the Dapple is they tend to be a bit smaller than the other colors; my Dapple weighs in around eleven pounds where his red-haired sister is closer to fifteen.
As they get older, they sometimes tend to have a some back problems, but I have not ran into any problems yet. Overall, they are a wonderful little dog, good with families, and good for apartments.

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