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Cocoa the Dachshund


United States

Posted January 29, 2014

I'm not exactly a dog person. I don't dislike dogs; in fact, I like most dogs I meet. For about two years, I lived with a roommate who had a young dachshund named Cocoa. My roommate got Cocoa from a breeder friend when he was only a few weeks old.
By the time I moved in, Cocoa was a year old, and very spoiled. When I say very spoiled, I don't mean he was given too much attention. The dog was treated like a human. Cocoa did not eat dog food; his diet consisted of McDonald's nuggets and other scraps from the table. He refused to even touch the dog food that my roommate put out for him.
Cocoa only went outside to do his business. Sometimes my roommate's dad would come over and take the dog for a walk, but most of the time Cocoa just slept on the sofa all day while no one was home. He really had no interest in going outside to play, and was content to play tug of war inside. When we would watch T.V., Cocoa would pick the comfiest lap to lay in and watch T.V. too. I used to joke with my roommate that Cocoa was more like a cat than a dog.
The one aspect in which Cocoa actually acted like his breed was when the mail was delivered or if someone knocked on the door. Cocoa would bark ferociously and run to the door, barking and growling until he was sure that whoever was outside either left or came inside. We always knew if something wasn't right if Cocoa was barking and acting weird. One night it was a possum in the back yard trying to eat the lemons off of our tree.
My roommate and I parted ways, and we didn't keep in touch. I liked that little dog. Cocoa was great company and, had my roommate trained him correctly, would have made a wonderful family pet. If you're looking for a little dog with a big bark, dachshunds are the way to go.

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