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My second dachshund


California, United States

Posted January 20, 2014

I love my dog. I brush his teeth daily and I wipe his body with baby wipes after he takes his daily walk. His health is so important to me. I think he eats better than me. I learned these lessons the hard way because I did not take good care of my last dachshund. Through trial and error, I became a better pet owner.
The Good: Ozzie is a short haired pure bred brown colored dachshund. He looks like the dogs in those dachshund books. He is very affectionate and a fast learner. He quickly eats his kibbles and he’s obedient. Having a routine is very important to him. He gets daily walks, his meals are given to him on time, and he has a special blanket that helps him feel safe. The regularity we give him keeps him happy and a moderate amount of exercise keeps him tired and pleased.
I think he does not act out because he is regularly stimulated. He loves the Kong toy which allows you to put food encased in a rubber toy. He used to spend 30 minutes figuring it out, but now it’s down to 2 minutes. Playtime like this keeps him from being destructive.
This might sound subtle, but he has incredibly good genes. He’s had barely any medical conditions so we’re glad about that. Because of his long back and him being prone to back injury, I keep him a little bit underweight to prevent straining to his back. I keep him on a strict Nutro diet with occasional chicken, fish, carrots (only 10% of his total food), and broccoli (only 10% of his total food).
The Bad: Ozzie’s breed has some health concerns. He rarely pants with his mouth open and my theory is that this causes plaque to form on his teeth more quickly. This is why I brush his teeth daily—to ensure he does not get teeth-related diseases. Poultry flavored enzymatic toothpaste will run you about $10 per 6 oz. tube which lasts only a few months.
Dachshunds also have a very long back and it can get hurt quite often, so his jumping needs to be minimized. He loves jumping up furniture. After hurting his back a few times, we had to put his blankets on the carpet so that it precludes him from jumping.
I would say he’s pretty needy. He needs to be with people or else he will cry. He has an igloo outside that functions similarly to a crate, but we need to use that sparingly.
The smelly: We are fortunate that he is housetrained. The only accident he has is with throwing up. If he is not fed regularly, he will vomit yellow bile. To prevent this, we feed him small meals frequently. The rest of the time, he will either smell like his shampoo after we bathe him or he’ll smell like corn chips (no joke) if he’s not washed for several weeks.
In summary, setting up strict feeding habits and activities will keep the dog from being destructive. We give him lots of TLC and since we have experience with his predisposed medical conditions, we take great steps to prevent injury.

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